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Connect • Nourish • Thrive

Online breastfeeding conference

March 2 - June 2, 2022


Connect • Nourish • Thrive, our 20th online breastfeeding conference in English covers a wide range of topics to inform and guide your clinical practice and to inspire and challenge your thinking about breastfeeding, nutrition and human lactation.

iLactation also offers annual conferences in Spanish and Dutch.

Maternal mental health and breastfeeding: understanding roles and responsibilities

Emily Bernard, MA, IBCLC - Read more

Growing pains: interpreting growth charts and deciding when and how to intervene

Jennifer Thomas, MD, MPH, IBCLC, FABM, FAAP

Supporting parents during a pandemic

Denise Ives, DipHE - Read more

Communication skills required to be an effective breastfeeding peer counselor

Kanisha Lee, BS (Nutrition), Peer Counselor - Read more

Human milk for early humans

Christy Jo Hendricks, IBCLC, RLC, CLE, CCCE - Read more

Shadows of birth in breastfeeding

Waleska Porras, LLL Leader, Doula - Read more

A square peg in a round hole: answers on drug transfer in lactation made simple

Karolina Morze, MPharm - Read more

Breastfeeding in post-disaster settings
Knowledge mobilization tool to promote, protect and support breastfeeding during COVID-19

Shela Hirani, PhD, IBCLC, RN, Advanced Diploma in ECD - Read more

40 Years of the WHO International Code: what is it, why does it exist, and how does it protect the rights of children and women?

Karleen Gribble, PhD, BRurSc, CertIV Breastfeeding Education (Counselling) and (Community) - Read more

Socio-environmental benefits of human lactation: food sovereignty from the start

Alejandra Marina de Mercado, MD - Read more

Metabolic health matters: breastfeeding on the insulin resistance spectrum
When the butterfly goes astray: how thyroid dysfunction can undermine breastfeeding

Lisa Marasco, MA, IBCLC, FILCA - Read more

Old tricks, new opportunities: how companies violate the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and undermine maternal and child health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Constance Ching, MSW - Read more

Tongue and lip tie - increased awareness among parents in Iceland on how it affects breastfeeding

Sonja Magnúsdóttir, SLP-CCC - Read more

Thrown in the deep end: how women learn to feed their babies, why it goes wrong and how to help

Miranda Buck, PhD, RN, BA(Hons), MPhil, IBCLC

Working mothers' rights for exclusive breastfeeding

Zeinab Abdulatif, MD, IBCLC - Read more

More details coming soon!