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Lactation Conversations

Extended until June 15, 2023


Lactation Conversations, our 22nd online breastfeeding conference in English, covers a wide range of topics to inform and guide your clinical practice and to inspire and challenge your thinking about breastfeeding, nutrition and human lactation.

Low milk production among parents of premature or ill infants

Anne Eglash, MD, IBCLC, FABM - Read more

What to do when the baby has not latched on yet or is sucking ineffectively
Breastfeeding case reports

Kay Hoover, MEd, IBCLC - Read more

The 2022 ABM mastitis protocol simplified

Rahmat Bagus, MBChB, IBCLC - Read more

Lactation crutch phrases: when was the last time you cleared your cache?

Erika Dudley, IBCLC, CBS - Read more

The infant formula shortage: what are we short on
Chrononutrition... or can breastmilk tell time?

Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC - Read more

Positional asymmetries, breastfeeding and the ATNR

Joanna Strybosch, B.AppSc(Clin.Sc)/B.OsteoSc, Grad Dip Paeds, IBCLC - Read more

Social value of BFHI and Ten Steps in Australia and Indonesia

Andini Pramono, BSc, MPH, IBCLC - Read more

Induced lactation, journey to be a mahram

Gracia Azra Lestari, MD, IBCLC - Read more

PCOS and lactation

Megan Dunn, BS, IBCLC - Read more

Clubfeet and exclusive breastfeeding

Ayisha Chandni, MS, CCCE, ICBD, ACLP, IYCF - Read more

Addressing burnout: put the CARE back in caregiver

Annette Leary, RN, BSN, IBCLC - Read more

Relational research and building liquid bridges

Tanya M Cassidy, PhD, AM, MA, BA - Read more

Breastfeeding and climate change

Sandra Zadkovic, BA (Hons) - Read more

Choices in lactation after loss

Kathy Parkes, MSN-Ed, BSPsy, RN, IBCLC, FILCA, CHC, CAHPE - Read more

Breastfeeding and gut (the magic formula)

Nada Atef, MBChB, IBCLC - Read more