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Late 2022 conference

biological dialogues

Online September - December, 2022

Breastfeeding: biological dialogues, our 21st online breastfeeding conference in English covered a wide range of topics to inform and guide your clinical practice and to inspire and challenge your thinking about breastfeeding, nutrition and human lactation.

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Kimarie Bugg, DNP, MPH, FAAN, IBCLC - Read more

Breastfeeding & hypoglycemia: the highs & the lows (the never-ending story)

Nancy Wight, MD, IBCLC, FAAP, FABM - Read more

“Look at me, Mum!” A focus on maternal gaze. Breastfeeding as a window into the visual dialogue between mother & baby

Rachel Chiodo, BA, GradDip (Child & Adol Psych) - Read more

Milk exosomal microRNAs in the prevention and treatment of necrotizing enterocolitis

Bodo Melnik, MD - Read more

Instinctive nursing: simple and effective

Tom Van den Broeck, IBCLC - Read more

Providing virtual support to chest/breastfeeding families

Robin Kaplan, MEd, IBCLC - Read more

Exploitation of the COVID-19 pandemic by BMS companies in Indonesia

Dr Irma Hidayana - Read more

Also known as the WHO Code: understanding and making the International Code relevant

Lourdes Santaballa Mora, MS, IBCLC, CLAAS, IYCFS - Read more

Motivational Interviewing - launching communication skills for the perinatal professional

Christy Jo Hendricks, IBCLC, RLC, CLE, CCCE - Read more

Newborn feeding practices and barriers of early initiation – a cross sectional study from a public hospital of Vadodara City, Gujarat, India

Vanisha Nambiar, PhD, MSc - Read more

The functional anatomy of sucking during breastfeeding: How amazing is the tongue!
The functional anatomy of swallowing and airway protection in the breastfeeding infant: Understanding the impact of positioning

Nikki Mills, BHB, MBChB, Dip Paeds, FRACS, IBCLC, PhD - Read more

Lactation support for patients with larger breasts/chests

Megan Dunn, BS, IBCLC - Read more

Breastfeeding challenges of refugee mothers in Canada: challenges, opportunities and the way forward

Shela Hirani, PhD, IBCLC, RN, Advanced Diploma in ECD - Read more

Providing sensitive and person-centred breastfeeding support to women who have primary low milk supply

Caominhe Whelan, BEng, IBCLC - Read more

Persistent pain with breastfeeding

Alexandra Glass, MD, IBCLC - Read more

Gifts, growing, and love: depictions of breastfeeding in children’s literature

Kelsey Bianca, MA, CLC - Read more

Professional guidance for parents with a crying baby: what questions to ask?

Katrien Nauwelaerts, BA, MA, IBCLC - Read more

How can we talk about breastfeeding?

Eithne Murray, IBCLC, MA, BEd, Dip in Breastfeeding Counselling - Read more