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IBCLC Day – March 6, 2024

IBCLC® Day is celebrated annually on the first Wednesday in March.

IBCLC® stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, which is the credential held by so many of our iLactation participants.

IBCLC Day 2024

Here at iLactation we are celebrating IBCLCs around the world on IBCLC Day by providing this excellent presentation by Karolina Morze, MPharm, where she discusses drug transfer in lactation:

A square peg in a round hole: answers on drug transfer in lactation made simple (1.5 L CERPs)

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Available online from IBCLC Day March 6 until April 6, 2024.

The knowledge on pharmacotherapy in lactation that we obtain while training usually does not prepare us well for drug problems we might encounter in our everyday practice. We all know that most drugs transfer to milk. But we do not get the most vital piece of information – why is that? How is that? And is it really that important?
We will travel to prehistoric times, look at the breast tissue at many different angles, analyze the ways of cellular transport, discuss why it actually exists and what are the consequences. We will talk about the most crucial aspect of drug safety assessment – the dose. We will walk the path of a drug, tracking it way through the organism of the mother, the milk and the baby. (IBLCE Detailed Content outline topics: IV. Pharmacology and Toxicology – this talk was previously part of our 2022 conference, Connect • Nourish • Thrive.)


Karolina Morze is a pharmacist and specializes in pharmacotherapy in lactation. She works as a consulting pharmacist in a private practice in Poland. In her clinical practice she works with lactating individuals with various health issues, helping mothers with both common problems, chronic or rare diseases to reconcile the therapy and breastfeeding with as little intervention as possible, respecting mothers’ wishes and needs.
She conducts training for IBCLCs, midwives, doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals as well as non-medical lactation supporters in the field of medication and breastfeeding, attempting to explain complex pharmacological problems in an easy to understand way. She conducts research on the Drug Related Problems and outcomes of maternal medication on the breastfed children.
She is a member of the Polish Society of Clinical Pharmacy and Polish Society of Pharmacovigilance. She is also an author of several books and publications.

Register for our IBCLC Day presentation: A square peg in a round hole: answers on drug transfer in lactation made simple (1.5 L CERPs)

Milk • Nurture • Wisdom conference

IBCLC Day is also traditionally the first day of our March online breastfeeding conference. This conference is our 24th conference, Milk • Nurture • Wisdom, online until June 6, which is up to 3 full months of access. 20.50 hours of education, providing CERPs, CNEs and CMEs for health professionals, plus amazing information and education for all lactation supporters. Go here to view the speakers, topics or click the button below to register now! Don’t miss it!

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