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Continuing Education Credits

Ethics Extravaganza 2022

June 1 - July 15, 2022



iLactation has been accepted by International Board Lactation Consultant Examiners® (IBLCE®) as a Long-term CERP Provider.

CERPs approval number = CL2022-1HK

CERPs allocated = 5.00 E CERPs

Please note that if you are thinking of taking the IBLCE® exam, our continuing education counts for 5.00 pre-exam education hours.

iLactation CERPs can be used for re-certification for both IBCLC® and CLC certificants.

Re-certifying IBCLCs may find this document giving details of the presentations’ Detailed content outline topics helpful, Quick reference for CERPs.

Our conference presentations align with the IBLCE® Detailed Content Outline topics as follows:
VII. Clinical Skills 5.00 CERPs

Some of the presentations for Ethics Extravaganza are drawn from previous iLactation conferences. Anyone is welcome to register, but please note that for IBCLC re-certification, you can claim E CERPs only for presentations that you have not viewed previously. CLCs can also use these CERPs for re-certification.

Determination of CERPs eligibility or CERPs Provider status does not imply IBLCE®’s endorsement or assessment of education quality. INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF LACTATION CONSULTANT EXAMINERS®, IBLCE®, INTERNATIONAL BOARD CERTIFIED LACTATION CONSULTANT®, and IBCLC® are registered marks of the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.