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Ethics Extravaganza 2015

Ethics Extravaganza 2015

June - July 2015

Our 1st online ethics conference

Photo credit: Paul Carter, We Do It In Public. Used with permission.

Ethics Extravaganza 2015 was made up of two E CERPs presentations from our Breastfeeding: Navigating the bumps conference and three E CERP presentations from our Heart to Heart: Connecting with breastfeeding mothers conference. (Total: 5.25 CERPs)


How baby food companies compete with health care systems and mother support groups as sources of information on infant care

Mike Brady, BSc, MEng - Read more

Breastfeeding, ethics and legality

Adelina Garcia, RN, IBCLC - Read more

Cruelty in maternity wards – the dark side of institutionalizing care

Henci Goer, BA - Read more

Mythbusters lactation style: debunking infant feeding assumptions

Amy Peterson, BS, IBCLC and Mindy Harmer, MA, CCC-SLP - Read more

What’s the big deal about ethics?

Bridget Roache, RN, RM, IBCLC - Read more