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Late 2014 conference

Let’s talk breastfeeding
& human milk

September - November, 2014

Our 5th online breastfeeding conference

More Rock Stars of Lactation™ presented at our fifth conference, Let’s talk breastfeeding & human milk. This was held online during September- November 2014 and had participants from 55 countries. The conference is now closed and the presentations are no longer available. You can still read the topic introductions and more background about the speakers. Thank you for your interest!

Are we feeding babies or bacteria?

Kathy Abbott, IBCLC - Read more

Skin to skin in the first hour after birth: the nine instinctive stages and a methodology for getting started

Kajsa Brimdyr, PhD, CLC - Read more

Newborn feeding behaviours and effective latch

Ruth Cantrill, RN, PhD, IBCLC - Read more

The biomechanics of breastfeeding: how do infants extract milk?

David Elad, DSc - Read more

Understanding mastitis: current knowledge and new perspectives

Cathy Fetherston, RN, RM, IBCLC, BAppSc, PostGradDip(Mid), MSc, PhD - Read more

Sequential vs simultaneous milk expressing: the difference

Cathy Garbin, RN, RM, CHN, IBCLC - Read more

Posterior tongue tie: confusion, confounders, concerns and controversy – HELP!

Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC and - Read more

Posterior tongue tie: confusion, confounders, concerns and controversy – HELP!

Christina Smillie, MD, FAAP, IBCLC, FABM - Read more

Frenotomy – a review of clients from 2013

Dale Hansson, RN, IBCLC - Read more

Effects of scheduled vs on-demand feeding on mothers’ wellbeing and children’s cognitive development

Maria Iacovou, PhD - Read more

Human milk and breastfeeding in the NICU: real life challenges and rewards

Phyllis Kombol, RNC, MSN, IBCLC - Read more

Diabetes and Antenatal Milk Expressing (DAME): a randomised controlled trial

Anita Moorhead, RN, RM, Neonatal Cert Grad Cert, HServ Man, IBCLC - Read more

Returning to exclusive breastfeeding: effects of the practice of early formula supplementation in healthy neonates

Elizabeth Myler, BS, BSN, RN, IBCLC - Read more

Incorporating cultural competence into lactation counseling: what do we need to know?

Anita Noble, DNSc, CNM, CTN-A, IBCLC - Read more

Feeding babies with Down Syndrome: the importance of breast milk, breastfeeding and child-directed feeding approaches

Jill Rabin, MS, CCC-SLP/L, IBCLC - Read more

The need to invest in babies and the economic cost of premature weaning from breastfeeding

Julie Smith, PhD, BEc, BA - Read more

Impact of stopping free infant formula in public hospitals on baby-friendly hospital practices and breastfeeding outcomes

Marie Tarrant, PhD, MPH, RN - Read more

The Dutch Human Milk Bank: a glimpse behind the scenes

Ineke van Vliet, RN - Read more

Cracking the code: demystifying the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes

Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC - Read more

Delayed lactogenesis: the waiting game

Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC - Read more

Using social media to promote and support breastfeeding

Todd Wolynn, MD, MMM, IBCLC - Read more