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♥ Scholarships for volunteer breastfeeding supporters ♥

♥ A Little bit of LLLove for Valentine's Day ♥
for volunteer breastfeeding supporters!

Winners announced

♥ A Little bit of LLLove for Valentine’s Day ♥ for volunteer breastfeeding supporters!

We received so many worthy applications from volunteer breastfeeding supporters from around the world, and making our decision was tough! We are excited to announce that we provided the following FULL scholarships for our March 2020 online breastfeeding conference, Breastfeeding 2020: Focus • Confidence • Skills for exceptional volunteer service and commitment.
We also provided a number of half scholarships.

Maria Corbett – LLL Panama, Panama
Kirsten Tannenbaum – Australian Breastfeeding Association, Australia
Chin May Jet – PermataSusuan (BCNP), Malaysia
Joan Sabino – LLL Texas, USA
Jan Lane Martin – PumpPal, Ireland
Natasha Kapsali – LLL Greece, Greece
Jennifer Dolsky – St. Andrew’s Refugee Services (STARS), Egypt
Jenna Anapu – Rotorua Lakes Baby Service, New Zealand

Our next scholarships will be for our late 2020 conference, the iLactation Diversity scholarships for health professionals. More details later in the year.

The fine print: Little bit of LLLove scholarships are awarded at the discretion of iLactation and decisions are final. Scholarships must be taken for the March- May 2020 conference and cannot be redeemed for money. Scholarships are not limited to volunteers with LLL, volunteers and peer counselors from other breastfeeding support organizations are also welcome to apply. Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible for further scholarships.