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♥ Scholarships for volunteer breastfeeding supporters ♥

♥ A Little bit of LLLove for Valentine's Day ♥
for volunteer breastfeeding supporters!

to attend our March conference
Applications close February 14, 2020

♥ A Little bit of LLLove for Valentine’s Day ♥ for volunteer breastfeeding supporters!

Apply for one of the iLactation Little bit of LLLove Scholarships.

iLactation was founded by two IBCLC lactation consultants Iona and Sarah, who have also spent over 20 years each as volunteer breastfeeding supporters with La Leche League (LLL). We have enormous respect for the time given by volunteers to help mothers breastfeed all over the world, and so for Valentine’s Day each year, we share a little bit of LLLove with breastfeeding volunteers.

We have three full scholarships and several half scholarships to give away to attend our upcoming Breastfeeding 2020: Focus • Confidence • Skills. online breastfeeding conference. Please share this opportunity widely with other volunteer breastfeeding supporters.

What you need to do – please complete the form below and click the blue Submit button. If you have any difficulties with the form please contact us.

The fine print: Little bit of LLLove scholarships are awarded at the discretion of iLactation and decisions are final. “Full scholarship” means the full conference fee is covered. “Half scholarship” means you receive a 50% discount on the applicable conference fees for your country category, and you agree to pay 50% yourself. If you do not wish to accept a half scholarship if offered, please indicate this in your application below. Scholarships must be taken for the March- May 2020 conference and cannot be redeemed for money. Scholarships are not limited to volunteers with LLL, volunteers and peer counselors from other breastfeeding support organizations are also welcome to apply. Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible for further scholarships.