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in a changing world

Now extended till Dec 1, 2017


Breastfeeding in a changing world, our 11th online breastfeeding conference in English will cover topics such as at-breast supplementation, using social media to increase breastfeeding rates, breastfeeding for pain reduction, milk expression, breastfeeding and obesity, improving breastfeeding self-efficacy, breastfeeding for working mothers, the importance of community-based peer support and much more!

Poor weight gain: assessment and the use of at-breast supplementation

Mariana Colmenares Castaño, MD, IBCLC - Read more

Engaging generation Y using social media to increase breastfeeding rates through cell phones, texting & YouTube

Meg Beard, MPH, MCHES, RDN, IBCLC - Read more

Reduced breastfeeding rates among obese women: contributing factors, clinical considerations and future directions

Jennie Bever Babendure, PhD, IBCLC - Read more

The work of Nurture Project International: pregnant and lactating women in humanitarian settings

Brooke Bauer, MPH - Read more

The supremacy of proximity

Marianne Vanderveen-Kolkena, BSc, IBCLC - Read more

MTHFR and tongue tie, a look at genetics and mechanics

Kendra Becker-Musante, ND, FNP, BC - Read more

The importance of community-based breastfeeding support as a continuity of care

Stacy Davis, BA, IBCLC - Read more

Embracing cultural diversity in New Zealand – An inside look at an innovative breastfeeding Peer Counsellor Programme

Heather Cotter, Dip Tchg (ECE), LLL Leader, PCPTC - Read more

Breastfeeding for reduction of procedural pain: the evidence and utilization

Denise Harrison, RN, RM, PhD - Read more

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their impact on breastfeeding and breastfeeding’s impact on ACEs

Colleen Weeks, CLE, LCCE, FACCE, CSE, RTS - Read more

Practical clinical application of results from recent  research in breastfeeding medicine

Arthur I Eidelman, MD, FABM, FAAP - Read more

Working with child care centers to promote breastfeeding friendly practices

Cathy Carothers, BLA, IBCLC, FILCA - Read more

Strategies to support breastfeeding in non-traditional occupations

Robyn Roche-Paull, BSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC - Read more

Milk expression: benefit or concern (part 1)

Genevieve Becker, Dip Dietetics, MSc, MEd, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA - Read more

Milk expression: benefit or concern (part 2) - sustainability considerations

Yvonne Ryan-Fogarty, PhD - Read more

Tales of hope, patience and oxytocin: supporting non-latching babies

Indira Lopez-Bassols, BA (Hons), MPP, IBCLC - Read more

Breastfeeding self-efficacy in the millennial age

Diana West, BA, IBCLC - Read more

Nipple variations and implications during lactation

Diana West, BA, IBCLC - Read more

Breast IS Best- a midwife’s perspective on Aboriginal breastfeeding mothers in Central Australia

Cherisse Buzzacott, RM - Read more

Avoiding conflict of interest in the area of infant and young child feeding

David Clark, JD - Read more

Valuing women’s lactation work

Julie Smith, PhD, BEc, BA - Read more

Global action towards nutrition improvement: progress, challenges and recommendations 

Roger Mathisen, MSc, RD - Read more

Supporting breastfeeding mothers with perinatal mood disorders

Amanda Donnet, BPsych, BAppSci(Maths), BSci(Hons), MClinPsych, MAPS - Read more