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Termos & condições


By accessing the iLactation Site and any of its pages, you indicate your acknowledgement and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set forth without limitation or qualification.

All registered participants will have their email address added to the iLactation e-newsletter subscription lists.
Please see the iLactation Privacy Policy for details regarding the protection and use of participant data.
All prices are in US Dollars unless otherwise indicated.
Registrations will be accepted before the conference and during the conference up to and including the last day of the conference. Late registrations pay full price and access to the conference ends at the same time for all participants.


Group registrations will be accepted for groups of 6 or more participants. One email must contain all group members’ individual email addresses, and one invoice will be sent to the nominated person or organisation for the total amount of the registration fees. (Number of participants x group registration price) Upon payment of the invoice, group members will be emailed their log-in details and will have full access to the iLactation conference when the conference opens.


Accessing the presentations requires that your computer is connected to the internet and has sound (i.e. headphones or speakers)
If you’d like to check that your computer is all set to go, please see our Technical Requirements. If you need any extra assistance, please contact us. We’re here to help!
Slower internet connection speeds will affect the viewing quality of iLactation presentations.
iLactation Technical staff will provide online technical support for participants during the Conference, but are not responsible for ensuring that a participant’s computer specifications and internet configuration enable them to participate in iLactation online activities and resources.


Cancellations and refund requests must be received in writing. If you cancel before the opening date of the conference a refund of the registration price will be provided less a US$40 administration cancellation fee. If you cancel after the conference begins no refund will be provided. No refunds for technology failures. No refunds for failure to log in during the conference. No refunds for failure to view all presentations.

Substitute participants

We welcome substitute participants if the registered participant cannot attend. Contact us before the opening date of the conference to give notice of substitute participants. After this date no substitute participants will be accepted.

Accreditation / CERPS

CERPs are applied for and/or approved as stated on our website. CERPs are awarded by IBLCE. iLactation has no control over the amount or type of CERPs awarded for each Conference.
You must be signed in with your own username and password in order to receive CERP accreditation for a particular presentation.
iLactation is required by IBLCE to track all video views to prove attendance at the conference. Tracking records are attached to each participant’s username and log in activity. You cannot claim CERPs for presentations not viewed, even if you check off all presentations on the certificate.


Certificates must be generated by you, the participant.
Certificates may be generated either upon completion of a single presentation, or upon completion of all presentations you wish to view. Certificates can be generated as many times as you like. Be aware that certificates do not constitute full proof of attendance. iLactation’s video viewing records constitute proof of attendance for IBLCE purposes.
Certificates can be generated anytime after the opening of the conference.
Certificate generation deadline is at the end of the conference month.
Late or replacement Certificates may be subject to an administrative fee.


All iLactation presentations are copyrighted, and either owned by or licensed to iLactation. Any broadcast, transmission, recording, screen captures, digital sharing or other sharing of iLactation presentations is prohibited. See Copyright & Disclaimer for further copyright information.